Wednesday, October 31, 2012


The future rely on the few
when others
grow from its gain
the wheat fields becomes plentiful
how much it produces
doesnt equal
the work of its pain....
Im ready to feed the world of its hunger
quench this desert of its thirst
so this harvester must make himself  known
souls are being lost..
people giving in at the least a bit amount ...
so I place the future one side of my shoulder
on the opposite end would be my present
my past doesnt matter because
 I only could balance
the two....
this strength of the almighty...
I could successfully obtain
Faithfully I want to be the apple of his eye ....
call me johnny apple seed
my oats... I plant through my company
many may doubt of its power ...people
often hate ....what they dont understand...
I  become that island so there would be no connection
to their ignorance of  my bountiful land
spicy messages are being they tell themselves
I am bland
Seasons of loving your neighbor ..even if they amount
themselves as haters ....the message becomes bigger than
you yearning for acceptance ...touching and healing lives
becomes your jumper cables...negative and postive cause movement
beside imperfection...teaches a lesson..perfection is only a gift
thats given to we the imperfects ...because we are giving out seeds
of loves perfection.... even though many plants are evolved by its....
  turbelent enviroment
this love we are all sowing..... is just that wonderful.... where it can take a pauper
and make a prince..
he could take a  strangling vine ...transforming it in a  fruitful tree...
feeding many ...wealthy living replacing the phrase ...GIVE ME...
to LETS become a  kid of the kingdom your master
is the KING of universe of course he have complete dominion
we forever bask in his light .....we are beings of  his heavenly heirs