Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Lynda Ferrer ~ Blog Illusions ♥: Tears of Love

Lynda Ferrer ~ Blog Illusions ♥: Tears of Love: If humanity would know How a woman suffers In pain the cause a foe when her heart is broken suffering the lost token of a loved ...

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Tickle My Fancy: Made In America Festival

Tickle My Fancy: Made In America Festival: Walking up to the festival...  To say there were hundreds of people would be an understatement. There were thousands! Picture a huge park...

Monday, September 16, 2013


No money feeling really light headed 
floating on this  air in my tummy
 its been very vacant for  sometime now
my fouls are flagrant no more extensions
 for unemployment ...feeling the workers  smile
puzzled me why ?....
 when the workforce in America
becoming more toxic and vile
I paid into my benefits
Jobs are hard to find .... 
their enjoyments are sabotaging the working class
technical jobs  are intentionally held  back
American too stupid anyways
 never  try to provide us with any  real skill 
hard to handle those occupations
when they are  in other countries
paying  these indigenous people  slave wages
you don't think the U.N. doesn't know
They have us in their back pocket enclosed in a wallet
right next to their  baby pictures
birthing new propaganda
N.A.F.T.A...North America Free Trade Agreement ...
Patriotism does the government have  all  of our backs
I thinking they are laying us on our backs
government feeding us lies instead of sound work
 .... Bill Clinton  was the first black president
I guess because he was black balled
he never did anything for US...  y all
while his  association calls
C.O.F.R...Council Of Foreign Relations 
democratic and republicans
 Ying and the yang
  entities for We the PEOPLE
that are exclusively in vain
parting my ways from these  parties
obviously they never invited us anyways
 WW3.....is going to be open invitations though
your uncle is going to tell you  "HE WANTS YOU"
because your young and strong
Obama cares  he also shares
U.S. Military policing
Great Britain your also sitting in the sit of the scornful
throw the rock and hide your OLD hand
I bet they wont give Obama knighthood
According to the Queen everybody in America
 Is ghetto and hood so he can keep his contradictory Noble peace award
The inattentiveness  that feeling at this  time
finding your space in this world my  precious youth  
try riding in small compartment of a tank
America dream is a nightmare
the powers that be is  all about greed and private banks
Protest and Protect your future   
 the elite need pawns and slaves  to finish their dirty work
like the teachers need students to hand out their  grades
ultimately to get paid....
 Fight for freedom  get your jobs back to your shoreline
don't let them run you  through the motions
they  don't WANT YOU ... intelligent
the best jobs are overseas our  fledgling  economy makes it evident   
Rothschild's  endorser of the New World Order
one of them dating J. Electronica  the prince of hip hop
Your names fits you perfectly just a illuminati  ROBOT
 ironically showing this genre  been sold
 tapping my feet wondering
when they going to ditch the dollar and quarter
 coins and paper money is going to be in your favorite museum
when   ALL the We the People would  be open slaughtering season
For now they use afro Americans for target practice
America The beautiful lift your heads because your government
had made you  so ugly and God doesn't Like UGLY ......
I pray for once again  his grace to shine on us
to replace back the crown of good
to help perpetuate better brotherhood
to usher away incompetence on  our continent
We need Government  for  all not just  for the agenda of the one percent

Nlistic Souldier

Monday, May 13, 2013

This is How I dream

You don't know
how much
 I dream of you
laying in your comfort
radiance of smile
 subdued in this misty cornucopia

Ferments of moisture design
 rests on our anatomy 
blissful regions
our touch maybe far
 our soul ascends
twisted in myriad directions
 all coordinates that all leads
 back to you...

 Horizons of love reign
as it rays perch
on each
 of our temples....
 centering..... manifesting
 parallel rhythms
 sounds heard
sweeter then melon dew
fruitful in our intentions
we want to bask
in this great  garden
Our devotion  had once  tilled
fertilize to incarnate more
our co-existence of love

This  remarkable dream of you
its scenery that coincides
 with my imagery of Eden
  your beauty accents it array
cascading hills of great vineyard
skies reveals of blue teal
with the hint of royal purple
rainbows are  adorned
bending  prisms
of your reflection in falling water
landscapes are vast in this  humbling valley
very proportionate  to our feelings
where I thoughts transform  identity
longevity of our emotions never  tainted
This is how I dream of us