Monday, March 14, 2011

MY POETRY IS.........

my poetry has no color
vivid in detection
essentials in view
ways it arranged no doubt
of its due
explains my conviction
how far I flew
motions of words
passion to go towards
communes of the distraught
my credentials
gave me a pass for my stagnation
policing my thought convictions
my profound words
added more diction
true movement for culture
deviance reconciled
relationships with myself
still giving me my mental health
becoming my enigma
I’m so dogmatic
those thoughts of conducive pain
as they become my spiraling drain
many interprets its array
but explaining its realm it’s infinite
its comfort brings the sunny day
a law that transforms
through heighten senses I have been reborn

Even now my poetry has been scribed
through my pen
allowing your thoughts vicariously
my ancestors’ soul with in
never pretend any portions to buy
the only lie if you never try
surfing on waves of fear
allowing some of your turmoil
to become clear
what is my poetry.......?
guidance my prophetic remedy
geometric proportions
difficult but same time elementary
even its relative’s states
it surely provides my imagery
everything my poetry becomes
we have to past through its creative walls
birth of a new nation
a whisk of forgotten time
a notification of alarming noise of a chime
when it’s that time
for those righteous thoughts
heaven sent
those jewels allowed to be taught
life lessons becomes fables
wisdom of speech passed through Plato
divine right of my passage
rightly felt but becomes my center
as my pen inks my paper
as we all get intoxicated by its vapor
documents our rendezvous capers

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