Thursday, April 21, 2011


My comfort food for thought
never coming to my realization
that you are forever gone
persistence to confide in my
wanted imagination
causing my constant abuse
of her re-visitation
Now presently my comfort zone
needed you
physically your outta my life
an avatar of pillows
only exists
many different arrays of them
representing you in every way
colorful by design
in full bloom
one shape like a rose
your beauty stays in
my mind constantly
long ones
mimics your legs
of strength
stout ones resides your warmth
now laying on the softest one
you always accommodating
showing why I’m still waiting
asking myself
as more of them I would buy
what would I do
with all of them
if you suddenly dropped by
no room never on the floor
only for my bed
missing you so long
really messes with my head

On this big ole bed
holding each one waiting
somehow THINKING
you would become closer
each time
I’m emptied in my fake bliss
interpretations of a demented
thinking he is alright without
when his body breaks down slowly
when he’s supposed to be healing
my eyes anxious to grace a meeting
should be behind my eyelids looking towards
the ceiling
alone in my four corners
wondering if she knows
my heart is soulfully bleeding
my pillows
all of them are stained
as my soul became detained
reinventing pillows
to replace your wonderful frame
my tears are transparent
my pillows are very salty
like the depth of the sea
where you could find my heart
beating myself to find air
a strange castaway
saying no luck for me
who I am kidding, these pillows
break too
spewing out unwanted feathers
that often itches my throat
maybe I should get really mad
throw them all away
I can’t though
where would I place my
weary head
when I finally go to sleep
Besides these pillows stands for my new hope
I could grab on to
My smoldering lengthy rope
twins as it burns
with no end
many directions pulling me
marking the end of my sanity
my model of distinction
wondering if she’s in her zone
a love of our yester year
that went too far past my extinction


  1. I enjoy it, love can be painful and confusing......its hard to know if its existence is really a reality....idk.

  2. BTW.....your site is eye pleasing.....not too busy....simple and soothing.....job well done......sending Many Blessing and positive energy in this direction.......

  3. Great piece of expression Deon, you're definitely not alone in your sentiments. Keep doing what you do bro. Feel free to visit WACS Online anytime, we have an open blog if you so chose to post. Keep up the work, Onelove OneNation!