Saturday, August 11, 2012

Taking LOVE...

Is love worth fighting for ...
when most battles are never won
war becomes....
its settles
 who shows the white flag..first
both parties compromise ....loser or winner
in our love we both display acts of sinners
 we applyon  paint
like a saint
lying to ourslves
and even if we had million failed loves
we are still lonely beginners

 Thinking your  a novice becomes a  playful idea
heart failure ...many deaths are walked
no territory is free from guilt ....but you  place  this one in your mindset
of giving up

 Your heart...mentions them in every wake
Does anyone wins !.... so  fighting becomes mundane
if your looking for it to ultimately change
the way.... you want it

Inside this alloted frame
biting into this  rotting carcass
 showing   insanity...
sometimes  we love
but it never was meant for real winning
we want to make a reprise
of this wonderful beginning
we once had  before
times bandages...
trying to get..
a turn to get....LOVES... tourniquet
  hopefully something  would become right
if we hold out
Im a souldier.....WE FIGHT...
never afraid to  workout my hindsight .
war nevers leads to every ones exact  delight
unforgiveness....forms literature of hate
on the walls of someone mind
 as our heart briefly  types
a font of despair...paragraphs... we dont care
when we over endulge off loves....

In many times the war is not with your significant other
but it surely affects your lover
the duality of choices....the magnetizing voices.....
should I listen to doubt..
ultimately when it wants out.....

she loves or she loves me not...
 becomes my integral position to this graven plot...
these questions are hot...abandonment issues
 introducing  you to new topics...could you really..!
praying to the MOST HIGH..
how could we stop it....

Expectations are dropped in you lap.....
you would fell her love.....
 crazy from our mishaps...
hearts are abundant but now you feel trapped

I want to make good love not war
love could be this wonderful verb
 ...I feel its much more special
its never made
think of as   my
   refuge and shade...
a tree in the midst of a
a desert of.....
 pain and hatred
that beams down
 we could visit
to escape...from its harmful UV..rays
 unexpectedly.... that excruciating .burning  our skin
wanting us to live within
without expression
We run for cover ..
when the leaves turns colors
as it
 drops to  this sticky uncomfortable  floor...
Do we run away from that same tree....
How could this be!
Do we stay there bare
for the next  leaves to bloom
love is never easy ...but believe me ....
there is always room....
Our battles are perservered
to take .. whats been promised

nlistic souldier